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This is a test ActivityPub server running Takahē, deployed on Piku, a minimalist PaaS.

The underlying hardware is virtualized in an LXC container hosted in Proxmox 7, running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with partial CPU allocations for benchmarking.

Recent Posts

<kicking the tyres on @[email protected] integration with @[email protected]>

Just moved my setup from Proxmox to Azure without any hitches (rsync media, pipe pgsql dump via SSH, deploy using, done.)

Wow, @elk works AMAZINGLY with @takahe (within reason, obviously).

Hello Fediverse! (yes, yet again, bear with me, multi-domain is hard to test)

Poking about in a VM looking to migrate this instance to a more permanent location.

Hello World!

OK, time to do some @takahe load testing on my microinstance...

Hmmm. My little instance seem to be falling behind the federated timeline...

Well well. seems to work OK with the latest git tip…

I should be the Johnny Appleseed of all ActivityPub implementations. Posts, lots of posts.